Saturday, October 27, 2012

Comparing Pumpkins

The kids and I decided to compare our pumpkins. We each picked one of our pumpkins from the farm. We first recorded our estimates then recorded the actual.

Justin's pumpkin is the tallest at 19 inches (we counted the stem.) Anabelle's is the biggest around at 45 inches. Mine is the heaviest at 29 lbs.

In order: Anabelle's pumpkin, Justin's pumpkin, my pumpkin.

Here are all of our pumpkins. The pink one in the front and the two in the middle of the middle row were from Walmart. The other 6 are from the farm. Hubby bought the pink one for me. It was $2 less at the WM in the city than our WM in Evergreen! I love that our farm pumpkins are more unique and bigger than the WM pumpkins.

Have a blessed Autumn day!

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Randa said...

Those are huge! They are unique, but I have to say that I love that pink one! I don't think our WM carries those, but I haven't been on a pumpkin hunting mission when I go in. I usually am on a price matching/coupon crazy shopping trip and they aren't on my list. I might have to go look tomorrow.