Saturday, October 27, 2012

Comparing Pumpkins

The kids and I decided to compare our pumpkins. We each picked one of our pumpkins from the farm. We first recorded our estimates then recorded the actual.

Justin's pumpkin is the tallest at 19 inches (we counted the stem.) Anabelle's is the biggest around at 45 inches. Mine is the heaviest at 29 lbs.

In order: Anabelle's pumpkin, Justin's pumpkin, my pumpkin.

Here are all of our pumpkins. The pink one in the front and the two in the middle of the middle row were from Walmart. The other 6 are from the farm. Hubby bought the pink one for me. It was $2 less at the WM in the city than our WM in Evergreen! I love that our farm pumpkins are more unique and bigger than the WM pumpkins.

Have a blessed Autumn day!

The Pumpkin Farm

We made our annual trip to Rock Creek Farm in Broomfield. We've been going there since Justin was a tiny thing! He is now 12. :)

Even though it was very windy and cold, the kids had a fun time picking pumpkins. Anabelle can hardly be seen in the background! We got 6 pumpkins, the kids and I each picked out two.

Except for a couple of school buses and cars, we seemed to be the only ones there! We are used to going on a weekend where it's more busy. This year we had to do it on a weekday since hubby works on the weekends now.

After wandering the pumpkin field, we went to the family fun area to take pictures and see the farm animals.

Anabelle with her head on the plate.

Justin with his head on the plate. Love his "dead" face!

Me, Justin, and Anabelle.

Hubby's hat blew off into the turkey pen!

Hello pretty white turkey.

Next we saw the piggies.

And then we visited the ducks...

and a very curious goose. This was the only animal there that was interested in people.

It seems we came at lunchtime. Anabelle loved that one of the goats was on it's knees eating.

Even the sheep cared less about smiling for the camera. I ♥ sheep!

Anabelle loves farm animals!

The cows were the last of the farm animals. Hubby named the one laying down Ground Beef. Get it? LOL.


The kids had to do all of the painted scenes. I think they were all new this year. I don't remember them being around previous years. Whoever made them did a great job! I know I can't paint this well.

Anabelle playing on the hay maze. This is the first year Justin decided not to play on it. I guess he thinks he's too old for that now.

And lastly, a picture of the view of the Rockies from the farm. So beautiful! Yes there is snow on the mountains.

Happy pumpkin time!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Monday 7

If you could describe the Bible with one word, what would it be?

For me, that word is: LOVE.


How He Loves ~ David Crowder Band


Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday 6

In Your name I'm lifting up my hands.

I'll spend myself till I'm empty and poor, all for You, You revive me Lord.


I just love this song, I've listened to it more times than I can count!

(Trying to figure out an easier way to post pictures so I can actually enjoy blogging. (Wordpress, I miss you SO much!) Blogger's way is so frustrating! The last post with pics took forever! And I only had 4 pics! It should not be so complicated! **steps off soapbox** )

Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday 5

One of my favorite songs from one of my all-time favorite bands.

>>> Sevendust - Live Again

I used to love going to their shows. Best place to be was right up front so I could hang on to the stage and not get caught in the mosh pit. Those were some fun times!

I am choosing to link to music from now on instead of imbedding because it slows my ancient computer down too much.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Cold Autumn Day

Most of the snow we got last night is melted. Our first snow of the season!

 Sipping pumpkin cocoa coffee this morning.

In the living room my pumpkin spice candle is burning. 

Some elk are hanging out in the field this morning/afternoon.

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