Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music Monday 3

* Our friends had a birthday get-together for Justin and his group of friends yesterday. So thankful for kind and thoughtful neighbors!

* Church was awesome!

* Hubby is off the next two days. So far, we have no plans that I know of, except bringing up a dresser from the basement for Anabelle's room. She's been using drawers in my dresser for the last year. But now she has too many clothes to keep doing that. We have been really blessed with people giving her tons of clothes. It's rare that I need to buy her something at the store, which is really nice!

A mighty fortress, our refuge. I love love love this song.

I hope you have a beautiful day!


Randa said...

Happy Birthday Justin!:)

Susan said...

Hi Jessica, I had a nice visit here and enjoyed the Fortress song. I was looking to see who still had adoption sites up. I was looking for Miss Figs and her friends from Ashild. I still work on my site and after time on FB, I have decided to work on my website since it gives me more satisfaction. I hope you are doing well. Hugs and blessings.

Jessica said...

Hi Susan, That is great you still enjoy working on your site. I certainly miss those days. I'm pretty sure I don't have any Miss Figs, but I liked her teeny bears. I will take a look at my old files and see what I have. It's been a long time since those fun days collecting adoptions, I don't remember what all I have. If I do find anything, I will email you. :)