Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This n That

Forgot to share these few photos from November.

Our Bailey-roo. He is very loved and spoiled. :twisted:


I took an old unscented candle and covered it with misc. wax that I melted in a TS crock pot, and then mixed in coffee grounds. AKA me making a mess in the kitchen. Here it is almost all covered. It was fun and I like how the candle turned out!

I did the same to one of my tea lights to stick in the candle.


A few days ago we tried making korker ribbon for my daughter. These turned out great! Wish the pic was better. I used ribbon from the dollar section at Target from last Spring.


These came in the mail from Kim at Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe! I won her first giveaway. :grin: Aren't they wonderful! The candle smells amazing, the scent is Apple Bourbon. Thank you so much Kim!


Stacy at Stacy Kay Creations sent me this sweet snowman Christmas card and matching ornament! She makes such charming cards! Thank you Stacy!


Today I started taking down some of our Christmas things. I didn't take any pics to share before Christmas, so I thought I'd snap a few real quick, ya know, cuz I am so last minute and all.

Not much to see, but here's most of the cards we received. :)

Shelf in the living room.

Fireplace mantle.
Click to make bigger


A rare LadyMoon photo this afternoon.

As I was heading out to the back deck to take down lights and tidy up the mess from the wind we recently had, I found a wee box delivered by UPS from my new dentist. Inside was a coffee travel mug, some gum and a business magnet. It was such a surprise, I have never gotten a gift from a dentist office before! How fancy! I needed a new travel mug too!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you have a blessed 2012, filled with hope and JOY!


Angie Berry said...

YAY for you!! Waxing is so much fun, yes very very messy but fun! Your candle looks great Jessica!

I didn't realize those ribbon spirals had a name. I had to do a Google search on korker ribbon to see what you are talking about, lol. Those are darling and I'm sure you and Anabelle will have much fun with them.

I just took my Christmas down yesterday. It's all sitting in the family room floor waiting to be boxed up but I got to playing with my quilt blocks instead. Ooops, hehe!

I saw where you won Kim's giveaway, Congratulations on such fun goodies! I didn't know dentists give gifts... I have NEVER heard of that, wow! You must have a good one, lol.

Have a great week girl~

Jessica said...

A long time ago, I saw the spiral ribbon and wanted to try them, they called them cork ribbon or something like that. Now, years later, I Googled Cork ribbon and up came Korker ribbon. I checked for them on Etsy, and there's lots for sale, but we'll stick to making our own. Anabelle loves when we make our own stuff. :grin:

Trace said...

Love that candle. Great job. And what a sweetie boy.
I so love the picture of your daughter and her sweet friend Clover.
Hugs to you Friend

Kendra said...

Bailey looks like a sweetie. A big teddy bear.

The candle turned out great!

I love the way your mantel looked for Christmas. I don't have the heart to take anything down yet so I haven't made the time for it. Very soon though, I need a change.


Patty Sumner said...

:smile: Hey, Found your blog while browsing around. I love the prim style and your blog is lovely. Your mantle is lovely too. I love the prims snowmen on the mantle. Lady Moon is just to sweet! I hope you will stop by and visit and follow along with me. Blessings!

Noreen said...

Hi Jessica, I just came over from Carrie's blog because I noticed we have the same word focus for 2012-JOY. So glad I did because hubby and I are originally from northern Ca.-Sonoma County and we live near Fort Collins. It would seem alot of Ca's are leaving; both of my daughters families moved here too-they homeschool(as I did)and we love it here.
Blessings to you and yours.

Kitty said...

First I am in love with Bailey and Lady Moon! So adorable! You won great things from Kim's give-a-way! congrats!

Noreen said...

Hi Jessica, I am curious where in our beautiful state you are?
Thanks for coming by; I've become a follow-we ex-California's turned Coloradoan need to stick together. Hope you enjoyed the snow and are staying warm.
Hugs, Noreen