Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas! The kids were spoiled big time! A lot of thanks go out to local programs and "mystery" people who helped make this Christmas amazing for our family! We are truly blessed!

The kids are ready to open their stockings.

The kids used the oven mits again, but after the first two presents we put them away. lol.

Santa made Nutmeg an elf for Christmas!

Anabelle now has her very own 3DS!

Justin was super excited to see he'd gotten the two gifts he's been asking for for months! A video game and a Wii points card.

Anabelle was super excited about her new LPS kittens. This girl loves horses and cats!

We got the kids robes, pajama pants, and slippers. They loved them! (And wore them for two straight days. LOL)

Justin, you are WAY too young for beer young man!

Inside the box was Air Jordan shoes, not beer! (Thanks D. Dee!)

The kids also got bikes! But I videotaped them getting their bikes instead of taking pictures. Oh well!

Justin helping Anabelle with her very own girly LEGO set!

Anabelle and Bailey dog.

Justin helping set up Anabelle's 3DS, cuz the parents don't know anything about that. *wink*

Justin building his new LEGO sets.

Hubby gave me my favorite local calendar! It has photos taken in our mountain communities. The cover photo was from when someone made a huge fish out of snow on the lake. It was quite funny to drive by and see this guy last winter!

Hubby also gave me my very own mp3 player! I've never had one before. I'm way behind the times, but I like it that way. *wink*

Hubby also got me a CD player/radio but it skips every song on the CDs we tried, even a new one... so we have to return it. My old CD player isn't that old, but it skips CDs terribly and I'm pretty sure it's possessed by evil, so I've been wanting another one. I love listening to music at home during the day.

We had a wonderful Christmas! The kids were even good to each other and got along for most of the day! (That is a true Christmas miracle, by the way!) We also had a white Christmas, but no pics of that, we stayed inside for most of it. :)

December Catch Up

The kids got to meet a reindeer at church!

Anabelle's class had a winter party and they got to wear their pajamas all day! They made snowflakes, paper lanterns, ice cream, played bingo and pictionary, and had lots of snacks.

Twinkle loves to be under our Christmas tree.

LadyMoon prefers to sit in the window behind the tree. Peek-a-boo!

Caught Twinkle taking a nap under the tree! Thankfully our kitties do not play with the tree or ornaments.

Christmas Eve service at church is always a blessing. We were given cards to pass out during the year. A great way to let people know they are noticed! The light bulb went along with a personal story our pastor told.

A tradition at our house is to open one gift on Christmas Eve. The parents get to choose which one.

Justin is using oven mits to open his gift. It's something the youth group decided everyone should do to open gifts this year. It wasn't easy!

Anabelle gave it a go with the mits too!

That is real excitement there folks! This little girl LOVES horses.

Justin got a new game for his 3DS.

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas tree in the living room. I've tried to get a good picture, but I just can't. :)

A couple more pictures from the LR.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baking Fail

Last Friday I tried to make some muffins for the women's church group.

I used a Martha Stewart recipe for ginger bread muffins I found posted on a blog. They came out awful! They overflowed and sunk. The recipe called for boiling a cup of water, then mixing the baking soda in the water. Water in a muffin recipe? I was suspicious, but it was Martha Stewart's recipe after all. Surely it was going to be okay.

I fear my poor cupcake pans are never going to recover from this disaster.

And no, I did not take the muffins to the women's group. :)

Little Miss Fashionista

She prefers to dress herself. Which is fine by me, she has oodles of clothes thanks to friends with normal sized children. My little Pudding is a bit petite for her age. :)

The other morning, she put on her favorite purple dress. Her favorite new (thrifted) jeans, and her favorite new red shoes (thrifted) and declared it the best outfit ever!

So she insisted on having her picture taken... and several more after that. She's a ham for the camera! I finally had to say that was enough pictures. LOL.

Blessed to have lots of nice hand me downs and thrifted clothes for my Princess!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

We went to Journey Ranch (our church's property) to pick a Christmas tree!

Justin helped Uncle Greg with our tree.

Anabelle picked out her own little Christmas tree that she put in her room.

Just Stuff

Here's the scoop. We're out of internet at the moment. Sometimes there is a WiFi connection (like right now) that I can use with my son's ancient laptop, but it's not there all the time. I'll have to see if I can get my camera to work on his computer! I really wanted to partake in the Merriment Chain! Oh well.

In other news. Hubby got another job. His other one is only a few days a week now, and the place will be on vacation for a couple weeks soon, no workey, no money. He says his new job is boring. It's down in the city.

Justin has decided he does not want to play basketball this year. And my sweet daughter is in need of an eye exam and dentist visit. She's getting better at not eating too many sweets. (She was good at eating them whenever and not asking first.) We don't actually have much sweets in the house, but there's sugar in so much food, plus she gets it at school where I can't remind her to just not eat it!

I have finally lost some weight! I've been stuck at one weight for years, and didn't know what to do, doctors just say lose weight, well, that is not really easy with PCOS. Since learning about real food, I have learned what I need to eat with PCOS, and it has finally starting working! I am very happy! I'm doing low carb, high protein. The coconut oil is also helping big time. I also cut out all low fat, no fat foods. My body is desperate for healthy fats, and I love that I don't feel tired all the time anymore. I still struggle with not eating processed food, but I do eat far less, and I choose them wisely by reading labels. I avoid soy like the plague, as it is a hormone disruptor, among other things. With PCOS, soy is the LAST thing I want to consume! I need to balance the hormone issue, not make it worse.

Happily waiting for December to get here, and more snow!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

After volunteering in the classroom this morning...

I hope you will too!

Have a blessed day!

A Trip to the Museum

The 2nd grade went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science yesterday. We had lots of fun exploring the museum and learning a lot at the Colorado Wildlife class.

Trying to shed their "snake skin".

Anabelle trying on the deer antlers.

Anabelle on the bus ride back to school.

Two new things I learned about Colorado wildlife: We have minks, and they look just like ferrets. I also learned that antelope shed their antlers instead of dropping them like the elk and deer do. The field trip was fun and I enjoyed being able to go along and help with the kids! :)