Friday, December 16, 2011

Madeleine Cookies

Yesterday I found a surprise in the mail from Cyndy at Crafty Stitchers! She sent a Christmas card and an ornament to say thank you for her stocking! How sweet! It has already found a spot on our Christmas tree. :grin:

Last night I made about 50 madeleine cookies. I had never heard of them before, until my son came home from school one day this week and said he needed to make them for a class project.

Thankfully a friend had a silicone madeleine pan (hubby drove all over Colorado trying to find any pan) and we made them in the nick of time for his "luncheon" today. I have to say they aren't bad! But we'll have to buy a metal pan, they don't brown well in silicone pans. (I had never used silicone to bake food before. I can't say I am a big fan of them other than for crafting needs.)

The recipe he chose was pretty basic. There are better ones out there. I bet the lemon ones taste awesome.

If you don't have madeleine pans, this blogger says that mini muffin pans work just as well.

Pastry Sampler has great tips and a recipe with honey I'd like to try.

So here are our results, day after photos. These are more like a cake than a cookie. Last night they were crunchy and soft, this morning they are just soft. I liked them better fresh.

And here they are with a little too much powdered sugar dusting.

We definitely want to make these again. Next time we'll use metal pans, less batter is better, and make lemon ones. Our first time making these, was an adventure in baking, we know what not to do next time.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Secret Santa Sock Swap

Over at the Prim Pals forum, I signed up for the Secret Santa Sock Swap. Kookie made all the stockings and sent them out to all the participants to fill. I was Secret Santa to Cyndy at Crafty Stitchers, she got her stocking from me on Monday. Yesterday I got my stocking and found out that my Secret Santa is TammyR!

Thank you Tammy for the wonderful things you sent in my stocking!

Click to enlarge

You can see what I sent Cyndy HERE.

Twinkle. I just love his big eyes. I think they get bigger just for the camera flash. lol. He was intently sniffing the Christmas lights, and the box Tammy sent and all of the things Tammy sent in the box. I've never seen him sniff stuff so much. Silly cat.

Do you spot the guilty doggy? I know when she's done something bad, because she does this peeking around the corner thing when I'm at the computer. Or she'll go under the couch. She's mastered the art of running and sliding under the couch, it's pretty funny. The funniest part though is that she knows when she's done something she shouldn't, but went ahead and did it anyway. *sigh* kids, they are all alike!

That's her bed with a blanket on it to the left in the hallway. I decided to not let any animals sleep in our room for now. Justin's cat is a magnet to me lately. Always has to sleep on top of me. If I roll over and push her off, she gets right back on. She hates Nutmeg so if the dog is also on the bed, I risk a fight breaking out if I try to move the cat and she lands anywhere near the dog. And Twinkle, well I already told ya'll how his favorite time for attention is 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 in the morning. I just want to sleep! LOL

Friday, December 9, 2011

Goodies, Christmas Tree and Ornaments

In the mail yesterday I received a giveaway I won back in October from Primitive at Heart! Patti sent lots of goodies my way!

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She sent: a trio of prim candy corn, a couple of candle plates (?), dried/wax dipped orange slices, pumpkin jar, pair of prim candles, little green basket, Dove chocolate, mini autumn cookie cutters, prim corn trio, pantry cake, ornament, grubby leaves, and gingerbread recipe cards.

I can't wait to decorate with these wonderful fall goodies next year! I put the ornament on our Christmas tree, and the green basket too. The pantry cake and candles are on a side table in the dining area, and some of the orange slices are on the tree as well. Oh and the chocolate is half eaten now! I forgot to include the big bag of candy corn in the photo! The kids opened that right after I opened the box of goodies yesterday. LOL

Thank you Patti for everything!


I took some pictures of our Christmas tree today. It is all decorated.

This cute snowman came from Ginny at Prim Pals!

I made this candy cane some years ago. I stitched two and sandwiched them together.

I made this stitchery ornament a couple years ago.

My most recent ornament, Simple Joys.

My friend made this many years ago. She designed and stitched this cute lil bear.

I can't remember who made this snowman. I love the cardinal on his head! The bear with the heart is from hubby and I's first year together! (1996) It is not handmade, but I left it in the picture anyway. :)

This ginger came from Hobby Lobby plain, so he's not really homemade, but it's one of the first things I ever did along the lines of crafting. Back then I didn't really make things, other than cross stitch.

Oops these aren't handmade. LOL. But I love these ornaments. I got them last year and the year before from the Christmas store down in the city.

One of the beeswax ornaments from Shirlee and then on the right is the one Patti just sent me.

Twinkle under the tree. :)

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And lastly, our Christmas tree. :grin:

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(this was supposed to be posted on the 9th... but obviously I failed to click 'Publish' on that day. :razz: )