Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Puppy

This is Nutmeg. She's a 13 week old PomChi.

Don't worry, we still love Bailey, in fact, since his snip-snip, he's been such a well behaved doggy!


Jenni said...

Oh, your puppy is so cute! And I love the name you chose! I bet your two dogs will be best friends in no time, too. :)

I also wanted to let you know that we are having a giveaway over at Beautiful Nest, if you want to check it out! :)

I hope you have a great day!


Jaana said...

Nutmeg is totally adooorable! :twisted: Looks like a little furry fox almost, I want one, too! A PomChi... sounds like a handful those two mixed together, or is she? ;) What do the kitties and Bailey think of her?

Jessica said...

She is a handful! But she's still in her puppy stage, so I try to forgive her. :wink: She bites everything and her bark is sometimes like someone blowing a whistle in my ear. :sad: She's very loving though and gets upset when the kids leave on the bus in the morning. She loves walks and takes lots of naps. She's going to be a lap dog.

Twinkle (Anabelle's cat) likes her some, he plays with her and let's her jump on him and she bites at his tale and paws. She loves to chase him around the house. He's a cat that loves to play with others.

LadyMoon (Justin's cat) hates her, but she hated Twinkle at first and she STILL hates Bailey, so I don't hold out hope that she'll ever like her.

Brighton (Maine Coon cat) doesn't like that she tries to play with him.

Bailey doesn't like her much, but we hope he'll warm up to her eventually. When he growls or wrinkles up his nose and shows his teeth I tell him to be good and then he stops. He always looks at me like he's gonna say, "But MOM she is ANNOYING me!" :lol:

And the rabbit, Clover, she freaked out and screamed for the first time in her life when we introduced her to Nutmeg... Clover doesn't like Bailey either, but doesn't mind the cats at all.