Saturday, October 15, 2016

October Hello

(Sea Lions in SoCal. Picture taken by Hubby. If you are ever in Orange County, head out to Balboa Island and take the boat tour.)

We may finally be leaving California for real very soon! Most likely before November gets here.

We're very excited to start looking for a farm in West Virginia.

Randa, we are coming to visit you! This is your warning! hehehehehe

There has been nothing to blog about, we've just been in a long waiting game that has really sucked. However this journey's end is arriving!

I will be starting over with a new blog. New journey, new blog. Hubby has encouraged me to blog during our travelling so I will post about that next time.

To bless you...

Louie Giglio - Label Maker Series. Free. Mp4 downloads. From Passion City Church. Louie is one of my favorite pastors to listen to! There's a lot of his talks on youtube as well.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Playing in the Dirt

I haven't been taking many pictures lately, hardly have any for April and May, which is so unlike me, but here is a mish-mash of pictures from the last 2 months.

Justin caught me taking his picture. LOL. I do try and sneak photos of him because he likes to make horrid faces when I point the camera at him. Teenagers!

Anabelle has played in the pool a few times, starting the swimming season off early. However, the weather has cooled down again so the pool is back to being too frigid for now. She checks it almost daily. ;-)

Anabelle buried the huge white sweet potato last year, I forget when. We decided to dig it up to see if anything grew. I was surprised that there were red SP that had grown under the big white one! We did try them for dinner, but they were too starchy. The leaves had died off a couple of times, but I think it was just from lack of water. I am working on prettying up the yard before we leave so it needed to come out anyway. She had fun digging them out, she loves playing in the dirt. :-)

We have season passes to Knott's Berry Farm and go a couple times a month. The kids love the rides, but some seem a little scary to Anabelle. She decided to try this one, a pendulum type swing. She would not smile for the camera, this was her first ride on it. But she ended up loving it and rode it twice on our last visit.

We went to our nieces baby shower at her new house. Baby was actually born a week before the baby shower, an emergency situation, but he's doing fine, and his mom and dad are over the moon happy! We are too! He'll be in the hospital for awhile so we're praying over him.

This is one of our younger nieces at the onesie decorating table. The kids decorated 2-3 each because it's too hard to resist just making one of course. LOL. They were good about waiting and letting others make some too before going back and making another.

Anabelle had fun decorating onsies, crafting is one of her favorite things to do.

Our other younger niece (sister to the above niece) made her new baby cousin an Angels inspired onesie with a fox and a dinosaur. (The Angels are the OC baseball team.)

And lastly...

I tried to sneak some pictures of Anabelle playing in the dirt this afternoon. I gave her some kitchen items that were destined for the recycle bin, knowing she'd love to play with them instead. She picked the spot under the tree where the grass won't seem to grow. (The lawn is suffering big time in this drought.) And she's been making mud pie and cake.

Then I see her going and getting water from the pool instead of the hose? There's a faucet right by where she's playing... silly girl.

Caught red handed. She was a bit embarrassed, LOL. Not that it matters that she takes water out of the pool really, but I reminded her there *is* a hose nearby.

She's a happy camper outside, using her imagination and playing in the dirt. I love that about her. She's so much like me when I was a kid. But I do still like to play in the dirt - gardening!

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thank You

I won this Heart in Hand cross stitch chart from An Arizona Stitcher!

Thank you Shelly! :)

Book Review: The Atonement

The Atonement
by Beverly Lewis

The story is about Lucy and her dad, Christian. Throughout the story there are hints about a past relationship Lucy had with an English man. Whatever happened ruined the father/daughter relationship and also Lucy's faith. Lucy spends a lot of time volunteering in the English world which takes her away from her family. Her family misses her. Her father starts going to grief meetings, hoping Lucy will go with him. We aren't certain what kind of grief he is suffering from until later in the story. He meets an Englisher at the meetings and befriends him, inviting him to his farm. This man wants to live a more sustainable life and spends his time gleaning the Amish ways from Christian, while befriending his daughter Lucy. The story makes you wonder who Lucy will end up with... is it her longtime childhood friend Tobe or this English man? I won't give it away. :)

This was a great story and I highly recommend it for Amish Fiction readers!

I was given a free copy of this book from Bethany House for my honest opinion.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Catch up on randomness

My grandmother's Graveside Memorial was this past Saturday, the 16th. The cemetery dug the wrong grave so she was not buried that day. Yesterday the correct one was dug, but for whatever reason they had to wait until today to inter her. I wasn't there, so hopefully it was done.

My family also now believes that my great grandmother is not buried in the correct place. (She passed several years ago at 101 years old.) Apparently she was buried and then had a service. I don't know, I wasn't there. We were still in CO and not here in CA. We were told conflicting information about it at the time so we missed it, but not intentionally. Granny was/is my favorite family member, I was sad to find out we'd missed it.

Focusing on prayer and trusting God. The sooner we move the better. It's still a waiting game.

I've been doing the January scripture writing plan.

I'm pretty sure I have caught a cold or something tonight. Another benefit of moving will be being able to start making cultured and fermented foods again. I've had enough of this getting sick often stuff!

We are most of the way packed up. The everyday things will have to wait awhile longer.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rain Today

Every now and then it rains in southern California. And the people rejoice. Especially lately, because of this horrible drought we're in.

Anabelle's rubber ducky, washed in from the sidewalk.

This area always floods. There is a drainage system for the backyard that pumps excess water out to the street. But when we get these hefty rains, it can't keep up.

Justin took the umbrella and walked around the pool a few times. He does this at random even when it's not raining. Minus the umbrella.